Directions - Application for Admission to the Professional Program

Students admitted to the professional program in business who have earned 60 credits or more will be charged differential tuition for any term they are enrolled in residence at Iowa State.

Pre-business students must apply for entry into the Business Professional Program.  There are three ways to enter:

1. As a Conditional - The term you are registered in the last of your foundation courses and English 150 (Engl 101 courses complete, if required) (English 99 courses can be taken concurrently with Engl 150)

 Conditional Admission

Important: Applications will be rechecked for end-of-term grades of in-progress courses to verify continued eligibility into the Business Professional Program. If you no longer meet eligibility requirements, you will be removed from the Business Professional Program, have professional program courses removed from your schedule and be returned to the pre-business major. You will need to reapply once you meet the application requirements.

2. As a Regular - After you have completed all your Foundation courses and Engl 150 (Engl 99/101 courses completed, if required). Cumulative or foundation GPA must be at least 2.50.

Regular Admission
3. As an Early – Entry into the professional program does not require all foundation courses to be complete or in progress.

Early Admission
Applications Deadlines:
Remember, you may apply at any time. If you apply by the end of the 4th week of the term and are accepted into the
Business Professional Program, you are guaranteed the ability to register for appropriate p rofessional program courses at the time of your regular registration start date for the next semester. If you apply after the 4th week, your application
will be reviewed weekly by your adviser and if accepted into the Business Professional Program you may adjust your
schedule to include appropriate professional program courses after your major is changed from pre-business in AccessPlus.

Double Majors
If you are planning on declaring a double major, please fill out the Multiple Curricula/Degree form and submit this with
your application. You can find this form at the following website:
To be guaranteed registration for the second major this form must be submitted to 1200 Gerdin for processing by the fourth week of classes. The double major form may be turned in any time, but you will have to wait until AccessPlus reflects the additional major to sign up for that major’s classes.

You will be notified by e-mail from your adviser when your application is accepted, denied, or if you are being returned to the pre-business major.